My Easy Submitting

Simple instructions to setup My Easy Submitting

Step One Join – Login to Prospect Geyser, click on Add-On Tools and locate My Easy Submitting. You will join under your sponsor.

Select the Free trial or use code [0050] to save 50% on your first month (regular 14.99 to 79.99; 1 to 100 campaigns)

Once registered, you will need to login to My Easy Submitting.

Login and click on Search Engine Submission

Add a campaign name ie: Prospect Geyser

Enter your RSS feed url

Click on the link that says:

Click here to extract meta tag data from website

This extracts the keyword phrases that you setup

Category – Select Business – Business Opportunities

CMOZ – Select Business; Opportunities; Online Opportunities

Click next then select All Categories available (free trial members have limited access to Search Engines)

Click Next

Select Fast Speed, Weekly Submission and Daily to FFA sites and click Next.  You can choose to have submission results emailed to you.

SUCCESS your first campaign is setup and your Prospect Geyser RSS page is getting out there.

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