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Stephen Podgurski
Easy Youtube,Facebook,integrated video service

Videomail all your contacts free
Send your video to Youtube,facebook made easy
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I have connected my Facebook and YouTube accounts, but my new ...

Feb 7, 2011 ... I have since uploaded three videos to YouTube and none of which have ... Facebook separately, I right-clicked on the YouTube download and ...

how do i upload my video from my facebook account to youtube ...

Sep 2, 2010 ... That is a question for facebook rather than YouTube. If there is a way to download a video from facebook, then you can do that and then upload ...

I can't figure out how to SAVE or UPLOAD videos FROM Facebook ...

Nov 27, 2009 ... I can't figure out how to SAVE or UPLOAD videos FROM Facebook TO ... If I right- click on a video I want to move from facebook to youtube, I only have ... I have downloaded some handy add-ons for Firefox but am still getting ...

how do I download a music video clip to my facebook page ? in ...

Jan 6, 2011 ... how do I download a music video clip to my facebook page ? in ... same as you would do on YouTube, go to your account and upload a video.

CAn you upload videos from a facebook account? - YouTube Help

Feb 16, 2012 ... I was wondering if I can upload two videos from my facebook account onto youtube? I was just wondering if anyone would know how.

How can I upload an Embed code onto my computer? - YouTube Help

I really want to upload my video I posted on facebook onto here, but it's ... the option within facebook to download your complete profile to your ...

How do I upload a video TO YouTube FROM Facebook? - YouTube ...

Jan 23, 2011 ... You have to download the video from Facebook so you have the video on your computer and then you upload it to YouTube. If you do this, ...

How do i upload a video more than 10 minutes longer? - YouTube ...

I tried several video >10 minutes but couldnt get them on youtube....i have ... need to do is download and upload the 10 10minute clips to youtube etc. .... they mentioned in public on Facebook winds up in a YouTube video.

I downloaded video from YouTube and wanted to send to Facebook ...

I downloaded video from YouTube and wanted to send to Facebook but posted it back to YouTube by mistake. ... Is one strike mean i can never upload videos over 15 min? 10 replies. Don't expect change from Youtube.

What's wrong with Facebook Sharing? - YouTube Help

The video that I uploaded directly to YouTube is a wmv and when I share the ... I recently had downloaded a Mozilla add-on called FaceBook ...

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